• 2018 - Present

    University of Florida

    Ph.D. in Botany

    I am currently working with Drs. Pam and Doug Soltis for my graduate degree.

  • 2014-2018

    University of Central Florida

    B.S. Biology

    During my undergraduate, I worked with Drs. Eric Hoffman and Linda Walters on a project assessing genetic diversity within natural populations of smooth cordgrass to ensure effective restoration efforts. I also worked with Dr. Chase Mason and Simone Lim-Hing on a project focused on genome duplication impact on secondary metabolite composition in non-cultivated species.

  • 2017

    University of Missouri


    In Dr. J. Chris Pires lab, I worked with Hong An on unraveling the origins of allotetraploid Brassica napus.

  • 2017

    University of Florida

    NSF-REU iDigBio

    With Drs. Pam and Doug Soltis, I investigated niche divergence among ploidal levels in a classic autopolyploid system, Galax urceolata.

  • 2016

    University of Colorado-Boulder


    With Drs. Julienne Ng and Robert Laport, I investigated the influence of genome duplication on Brassicaceae and Rosaceae communities across the United States.

  • CV

    Recent Curriculum vita is available upon request


Graduate Research Fellowship


Climatic niche comparison among Galax cytotypes

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Polyploid Influences on Community Structure

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