Fostering a positive welcoming scientific community is extremely important to me and shapes my time outside of research. On this page, I hope to share some of my involvement. I really enjoy working with others, especially students. Here you can also find some of my other work and writing.

Undergraduate Researchers

I have been extremely fortunate to work with amazing undergraduate researchers during my time at UF. Based on my own undergraduate research experience, I treat the mentoring relationship as two sided, there is always something we can learn from each other. I am very lucky to be able to be learn and work with each of these students!

Current Undergraduate Researchers

Natalie Patten

iDigBio, gators R package

Ethan Stolen

Whole genome duplication

co-advised with Dr. Shengchen Shan

Nico Andrade

Flow Cytometry, Ecological Niche Modeling

Past Undergraduate Researchers

Lyanna DeLeon

iDigBio, Ecological Niche Models, Rhexia

co-advised with Dr. Makenzie Mabry

Karina Mendez

iDigBio, Ecological Niche Models, Rhexia

co-advised with Dr. Makenzie Mabry

Victoria Tesch

iDigBio, Guard cells

Max Gebhart

Ecological Niche Modeling, Helianthus

co-advised with Dr. Chase M. Mason (UCF)

Trinity Depatie

Phylogeography, Okenia hypogaea

Biology Ph.D. Salaries

Scatterplot of MIT living wage to guaranteed annual salary. Based on our current dataset of 177 Biology Ph.D. programs, only 5 pay a living wage.

In 2022, I began advocating for salary increases in my graduate program. Though we have been unable to make any improvements here at UF, we hope our efforts may help others. Part of these efforts was comparing our salary to other US-based Biology Ph.D. salaries, also known as external benchmarking. Based on the data we collected, we ended up creating an application that we think will help others too.

We made an interactive website via an R-based shiny app where our current dataset can be explored. We are also expanding our dataset via crowdsourcing. You can contribute to our dataset and report errors through google forms linked on the website.

This work was covered by Nature and Science in Summer 2022.

Check out our R-based shiny app here: BiologyPhDStipends Website